Want to see a real-life picture?

When you think about spending time reading your Bible, do you think of a peaceful quiet time? Is this the picture you think about?


Here are my exact thoughts when I see a picture like this: "Bwahahahahahahahaha!"


Seriously, by the time I got my table to look like this I would have no time left to read my Bible.


Here is a more realistic picture of what "quiet" times look like for me:


If you wanted the more typical picture, you'd have to see a sleepy, pajama-clad me sitting up in my unmade bed, periodically interrupted by kids as they wake up, but I'm not willing to be that transparent on the internet.


My point is this: The Bible is made for real-life. The times we need it most are the times when our circumstances are messiest. 


Don't wait to get everything lined up perfectly before you spend some time with Jesus. Everything else can wait; He's the most important.

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