09. July 2019
…and it was. Not everything is transferable. Plane tickets, memberships, vacation days…they all belong to the named person and can’t be passed on. In school, a student can’t count a grade earned by another student. It wouldn’t be fair for someone to take a test in someone else’s name. But sometimes someone can...
02. July 2019
Thirty eight years. It was a long time to wait for healing. The invalid lay on his mat and didn’t even move when the waters stirred. Why bother? Someone else would always get there first. “Do you want to be healed?” Jesus asked. In other words, “You’re not even trying.”
18. June 2019
You would think I had the perfect solution to curtail whining in our homeschool. Every morning this year we started the school day by reading a chapter of the Old Testament. We read through Genesis and the first part of Exodus, and then we read story after story of whining Israelites (side note: reading Scripture out loud is a great way to really bring out some of the repetition you otherwise miss). My kids started shaking their heads and asking, “How much more is God going to have punish them?
18. April 2019
Lately, my daughter has taken to drawing pictures of bears in bikinis. Here is one such drawing: Why bears? Why bikinis? I don’t know. In this particular drawing, they are roller skating, but these bears do all kinds of things.
19. February 2019
Can I remind you this week of what our God is capable of? The truth is, I really need a reminder myself. And I’m hoping you do, too. So here goes…
12. February 2019
The Bible says over and over again, “do not fear” and “do not be anxious,” but that’s easier said than done, isn’t it? Thankfully, the Bible doesn’t stop at that simple statement. When it comes to fear and worry, God doesn’t tell us to “just stop it.” What’s your number one strategy against fear? Take a look at the one reason God gives us over and over again:
29. January 2019
I’m going to try something new on the last week of the month and tackle a specific aspect of doctrine or theology. For this week, I’ve written a children’s song to correct common misunderstandings about the Trinity.
22. January 2019
Two weeks after I bought my new iPhone, it was “searching” for service at least once an hour. Three weeks after I bought it, it had “no service” ever. Four weeks after I bought it, I finally called my carrier. It turns out this particular model had a manufacturing defect that prevented it from reading the SIM card correctly.
15. January 2019
Dear Jesus, I love that You are the vine and we are the branches. Because that means You’re the source of everything I’m supposed to be. It’s nice to be a branch.
08. January 2019
Dear Jesus, You know what really annoys me? People who waste my time.

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