God's Great Plan


God's Great Plan uses simple, memorable rhymes to teach the gospel to young children. Geared primarily toward children ages 3-8, it focuses on the Bible's core message of creation, fall, and redemption. The color artwork by Matthew Sample II sparks children's imaginations and gives them an entry point into the story, helping them grasp the significance of God's plan in their own lives. Anyone who desires to make the gospel more accessible and attractive to children will appreciate this book.



God’s Great Plan provides a valuable opportunity to point children to God’s grace, atonement and salvation. This intriguing blend of vibrant illustrations and charming rhymes captures the imagination and brings home gospel truths in a powerful and memorable way. I encourage every parent and grandparent to scoop up their little blessings, snuggle them close and keep this book handy.
Ginger Hubbard, Author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three and Wise Words for Moms


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